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This summer we would like ALL of our players to participate in BOTH training programs as a team.  If you're in town, these are the summer plans that we want our players to sign up for to improve their speed, agility, athleticism, and strength and conditioning.  Overall it is an incredible value and something that everyone should want to improve in, even if you weren't pursuing a high level of competitive sports like we are.  

The first program is "Takeoff" to improve speed and agility.  The second program is "CrossFit NBK" to specifically improve their strength with specific sport-functional training.  We have worked the dates of these two programs so that our players are not getting over-worked, especially with lacrosse tournaments and showcases on weekends.  I need ALL of our players to sign up for both of these asap.  I think it will be incredibly beneficial for our boys to train together and this off-season more than ever we need to be united in our plans and relentless in putting forth effort to improve for next year.  A lot of work has gone in to making these happen, and I want to see these boys take advantage of such a great opportunity.

Our players have directly worked with Takeoff before as they came out to a few of our conditioning sessions this past fall.  I have worked out at CrossFit NBK and the coaches that would be working with our players would do a great job training our players.  The goal is for our team to do this together so we have set times for these training sessions.

Please see the two notes from CrossFit NBK and TAKEOFF and use the registration links for each program to register ASAP.  For anyone that knows the usual cost of this type of training we are getting a huge discount in this package.

TAKE OFF Registration and additional information:

Click here for detalied information on the program.

Click here to REGISTER and PAY on the PAYPAL site for TAKEOFF - Mondays and Wednesdays form 12pm to 1pm - 16 Weeks for $199

CrossFit NBK Registration and additional information:

Partnering with CrossFit NBK will allow us to have specific personal programming designed by the elite coaches and athletes at CrossFit NBK to ensure our players have an incredible training experience. This training will be a blocked off time that is ONLY open to our team 3 days a week with set times over the summer. There is an option to also add on during the start of school in August/September. The summer will culminate with a great team competition. Training is scheduled for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 9am-10:30am throughout the summer. This gym has access to the best training equipment and our players will be best trained with technique to improve power, exposion, functional athleticism, and muscle endurance. Most of all, it will be incredibly fun, and assuming my leg is healed up by then I will be participating with the boys.

Click HERE to REGISTER for CrossFIT NBK - Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9am- 10:30am

Proven results that we expect from our athletes as a result of the sessions:

  • Reduced injuries during the season
  • Accelerated skill acquisition
  • Increased strength and performance across all metrics
  • Improved recovery time

Not in town all summer - no worries, CrossFit NBK also has a remote training program that athletes can sign-up for to accommodate any out of state travel. This will ensure your Walton LAX athlete doesn’t fall behind in training and still enjoys important family time.‚Äč